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Today’s Papers – Ibra power, Juve retreat



Today’s Papers – Ibra power, Juve retreat

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Today’s Papers – Ibra power, Juve retreat

Today’s Papers – Ibra power, Juve retreat

La Gazzetta dello Sport

Ibra power

Milan 2-1 at Roma, stay top with Napoli, on Sunday the derby

Zlatan Show: Ferocious free kick and wins a penalty

‘We believe in the Scudetto’

Theo sent off

Mou fury

Attacks the referee: ‘They don’t respect us, if I speak now, I won’t be on the bench on Sunday’

Azzurri unstoppable even without Insigne

Zielinski fills in for Osimhen

Tucu Tucu, Inter can dance

Udinese beaten, now the Champions League

Correa, new weapon of an atomic attack for the double climb back up the standings

Incredible Vlahovic, scores a hat-trick with a packed suitcase

Juve, everyone in the training retreat at -16

From Morata to Bentancur: Allegri’s six under the spotlight

Record distance from top spot

Today’s Papers – Ibra power, Juve retreat

Corriere dello Sport

A paradise for two

Milan and Napoli break away: +12 over fourth

Roma fury against Maresca

But Inter don’t give in: Correa beats Udinese, and on Sunday there’s the derby

Spalletti takes the derby in Salerno (1-0), Pioli victory at the Olimpico with super Ibra (2-1)

Zlatan scores with a free kick, then the referee gives a non-existent penalty despite VAR

Mou: They lack respect for us

Without Insigne and Osimhen, Zielinski goal is decisive

Coach irritated: Lorenzo rested as a precaution, there’s no controversy

Juve training retreat, Dybala stands up

Tomorrow Zenit in the Champions League, team remains at the J-Hotel

Allegri rules with an iron fist after collapse in Verona: all together until Saturday’s match with the Viola

Paulo insists: ‘Words are useless, united to turn this situation around’

Vlahovic hat-trick to make up

Spezia beaten by Serbian’s goals and this time he doesn’t refuse the penalty

Today’s Papers – Ibra power, Juve retreat


‘Max is in charge’

Juve, SMS to the players

Yesterday fiery confrontation between Allegri and the squad

From today everyone in a training retreat, the club stands with the coach

Tomorrow first chance to make up for it in the Champions League with Zenit

Scudetto duel

It’s Ibra vs. Napoli!

Zlatan inspires Milan against Roma

Spalletti wins the derby with Zielinski

Correa keeps Inzaghi in the running

But Inter won’t let go

Vlahovic fires up Fiorentina

Toro the toast of town

Juric is now an idol for the Granata fans

After the splendid victory over Samp, he celebrated in a pub surrounded by people: selfies and autographs for everyone

Players let loose on social media to hail Belotti and convince him to stay

Allegri doesn’t just have one problem

Juric’s Toro like that of Radice

Inter, when the long bench wins

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Today’s Papers – Ibra power, Juve retreat


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