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Today’s Papers – Barella renewal, Lazio face Inzaghi



Today’s Papers – Barella renewal, Lazio face Inzaghi

‘Sarri, watch out. Inzaghi is like Conte’

‘He’s sweet, but also tough and authoritarian, ready for the Scudetto’

Peruzzi explains Simone, central figure of Lazio-Inter

Ex-goalkeeper, who for seven years was his teammate and five as director for the current Inter coach: ‘Inzaghi lives to win, so tense that he can’t sleep at night’

Pedri, Barca go overboard: a billion Euro release clause

New contract for the young Blaugrana talent: expires in 2026

Juric hurdle on Lucio’s path

Difficult opponent at the Maradona

Leaders Napoli face Torino coached by the man who with Verona denied them the Champions League

Vlahovic returns, ceasefire in Florence

The striker is back in the city, but won’t sign

Italiano has no doubts: ‘He will give his best’

Max and Mou showdown

Juve-Roma on Sunday is a play-off and a personal duel

Allegri targets return of South Americans to get back on track, Jose hopes Abraham can recover for the first real Giallorossi coup

Character divides them, rivalry devours them

Just one break for international duty

FIFA ready to introduce a single window along with the World Cup every two years

No from UEFA and Maldini


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