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Serie A: Hope of Eriksen returning to the pitch



Even once Christian Eriksen left hospital after the scare of his collapse at Euro 2020, it looked as though the Dane’s playing days might have been behind him already, at least in Italy.

The 29-year-old was fitted with an implantable subcutaneous defibrillator – a device connected to the heart that sends an electrical pulse to correct irregular rhythms – which players are not allowed to have had fitted in Italian football, under rules set out by the Italian Football Federation – the FIGC.

Now, though, there is hope that the playmaker could return to playing in Italy at Inter.

«The hypotheses are varied in Eriksen’s case,» Riccardo Cappato – creator of the wireless subcutaneous defibrillator and president of the European Cardiac Arrhythmia Society – explained to Corriere dello Sport.

«We don’t have all of the information of his medical history to understand what happened, we don’t even have information about the defibrillation that happened on the pitch.

«Certainly, the problem was serious. It’s a serious problem and there are a lot of possible causes.

«One could be pre-existing. If it were inflammatory myocarditis (which can occur after COVID-19 recovery), then he could return to the pitch. Or if it was an electrolyte problem.

«If the cause of the inflammation can be diagnosed, then it can be reversible.»


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