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Borja Valero to play in the sixth tier of Italian football



Borja Valero to play in the sixth tier of Italian football

Borja Valero Fiorentina 2016 | Últimas Noticias Futbol Mundial

The footballing career of Borja Valero will continue, with his commitment to Centro Storico Lebowski meaning he will now play in the sixth tier of the Italian football pyramid.

After having recently announced his retirement from professional football at 36, Valero will now play for the club that he has been a fan of from the stands until now.

Having been founded in 2010, 1000 members run the team’s affairs and they have made Valero fall in love with them.

This move started with a joke made by the club on Twitter, but it has since moved quickly to being a reality, with Valero citing a set of common values between himself and the club as his main motivation for playing.

“I wanted to play another season with Fiorentina, but football is also this, and I’ve been impressed with the organisation, the academy and their social commitment to the environment,” Valero explained in La Nazione.


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