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Boban ordered to give Milan back €1.5m



Boban ordered to give Milan back €1.5m

Zvonimir Boban will have to hand €1.5m back to Milan following an appeal, from the €5.375m that the club paid him for wrongful dismissal.

The former director was fired in March 2020 after openly criticising the club hierarchy, accusing them of going behind his back to negotiate with coach Ralf Rangnick while Stefano Pioli was still under contract.

A court ruling in December 2020 ruled Milan owed Boban €5.375m for wrongful dismissal.

However, Calcio e Finanza write that an appeal was partially accepted today in the Milan Court of Appeal.

Boban, who now works for UEFA, must therefore hand back €1.2m plus the figure he had sued for earnings from March 2020 to November 2022, taking the total to €1.5m.


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